• Rules of play are designed with everyone's safety and comfort in mind so that you can get the most out of your Runaround experience. So with this, we politely ask all of our guests to follow the Runaround rules of play at all times.

  • Runaround Play Centre certifies its employees attempt to ensure the complete safety of our visitors. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to supervise and accompany children on site with a ratio of one adult for every six children over the age of five and one adult for every three under five.

    • The Parents/ Guardians must remain in the building at all times to observe the child/children to ensure they are capable of using the equipment safely. They must explain the rules of play to the children and monitor their behaviour accordingly and to ensure they know where their child/children are at all times.
    • Parents/Guardians know their child behaviours and capabilities best and so should ensure an appropriate level of supervision reflects this.
    • All children should only use the facility when accompanied by an adult

  • • Children remain the responsibility of the parents/guardians at all times

  • • Strictly no smoking on the premises unless at the designated point in the car park

  • • Strictly no chewing gum on the premises

  • • Children must wear socks at all times whilst using any of the equipment

  • • Children are advised to wear long sleeves and long trousers or tights at all times to minimise the risk of personal injury

  • • No shoes must be worn when using the play frames

  • • Jewellery, watches, buckles, sharp objects must not be Warner taken into the equipment or play area

  • • Only food and drink purchased within Runaround may be consumed on the premises

  • • Management reserve the right to refuse entry

  • • All height and age restrictions imposed by the management must be adhered to

  • • Parents/Guardians must ensure that children do not become overheated

  • • Runaround reserves the right to restrict play sessions to 2 hours. This will be communicated to guests when they arrive.

  • • Abusive behaviour to runaround staff from adults or children will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave the premises.

  • • Children who are unwell should not use the play equipment

  • • All personal items and valuables should be left with parents/guardians.

  • • Runaround cannot accept responsibility for theft.

  • • Runaround Play Centre encourages children to play, run free and explore in a safe and stimulating environment. With this in mind there are always.

  • • Inherent risks associated with children playing and having fun together. These include children being exposed to moderate physical activity, tripping, falling, Bumping into fixed objects and other children. Runaround play centre has taken every reasonable step to ensure that these risks are controlled through design, maintenance and operation of the facility. However it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely whilst providing a stimulating environment and parents/guardians must make sure they recognise and accept this risk.

  • • Runaround reserves the right to alter times, prices, menus and equipment without prior notification

Rules of play

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